Each week we’ll keep our readers informed about events we haven’t yet had time to comment on or just cool happenings in and around the county.

Is there a conflict of interest between candidates running for office and their positions on the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee? Some on the MCDCC think so and are proposing a change that could force six people to resign from the committee.

-From Dav Lublin at Seventh State


Read MCDCC Chair David Kunes’ response: http://www.theseventhstate.com/?p=9384

County Executive Ike Leggett approves request by Montgomery County Council President Hans Riemer and Councilmember George Leventhal to include the business darlings of the local bourgeoisie — craft breweries, ciders, wineries, and distilleries — under the MOVE program (Make Office Vacancy Extinct). No word on a MPE program (Make Poverty Extinct program).



Speaking of the poor businesses, today the State Senate will hear legislation to delay implementation of the newly passed sick-leave bill. It’ll require a supermajority in each house, 9 of the 47 senators and 85 of the 141 delegates; keep an eye on so-called “progressive” Democrats and how they vote on this matter.



“Workers of the world — well, the United States, anyway — unite at this Portrait Gallery exhibition.” NPR reports on the new exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. honoring American Workers.



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