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Last week socialists from MoCo, DC and NoVa organized a coordinated public information request to state and local agencies about their tax subsidy offerings to Amazon.

While the bourgeois press insists on quoting Amazon’s own estimates regarding economic impact, insists on quoting politicians who favor corporate donations over people, and insists on leaving investigative reporting to the dustbin of history — the socialist movement presses forward against a Bezos-run world.

Rather than of subsidizing Amazon, communities should be investing public funds in public transportation, infrastructure, affordable housing, low carbon transition and other unmet social needs.

The Commonwealth staff applauds this effort and encourages others to follow suit. Billionaire-dollar companies do not get a pass in any discussion, on any matter, simply on the basis on their rhetoric

Read more:

Bethesda Beat coverage (2nd story in this article)

NBC Washington

Loudoun Times-Mirror coverage


Since we report the actions of socialists fighting giant mega capitalists, it is only fair that we include what MoCo Liberals are doing to hold Amazon accountable for its monopoly practices….


Ah! Apparently Trump said something mean to Amazon so they have all crawled on their bellies to worship at the feet of Bezos.

We reproduce examples from two notorious local media accounts groveling below, for the readers’ edification:

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 6.08.42 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-02 at 1.52.51 PM

Leaving aside the shockingly playful support for Corporatism (or as Mussolini called it, “Faschism”) in that first comment, the second claim that “Amazon pays taxes” is pretty much demonstably false.

(if you find more examples, you can always “@” us @CommonwealthMD)


The legislative session is wrapping up. The period between now and the end of the session is generally known as the period where bills expected to be vetoed are sent to Hogan’s desk. We’ll try to have our team in Annapolis get a summary of what bills made it and which didn’t in a coming Weekly Agitator.

For the remainder of this week’s agitator, we reproduce this short piece attributed to Eugene V. Debs. Let it serve as advice to anyone who believes an equitable agreement between capitalist can ever be equitable for the workers.

“President Mitchell, of the United Mine Workers, is reported as saying that if only the capitalist and [worker] will took straight into each other’s eyes and speak the truth, there will be no more strikes. The trouble is that, inasmuch as the capitalist is on the back of the [worker], they can’t look into each other’s eyes unless the capitalist dismounts or the [worker] twists his spine, and he is already suffering from curvature of that sorely—strained member of his saddled, bridled, whipped and spurred organism.

The capitalist can hardly be expected to rein up and get down purely to see the color of the optics of his ‘mount.'”

Source: DEBS: His Life Writings and Speeches 1908 by The Appeal to Reason newspaper, Girard, Kansas. Page 296

Pulled from the Marxist Internet Archive: link

*”workingman” has been substituted with the non-gendered term “worker” -Commonwealth Editorial Staff


In Solidarity


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