Montgomery County Businesses Complicit in ICE Deportations

Residents of Montgomery County are probably aware of the giant corporations casually called “Beltway Bandits,” that survive on contracts from the US federal government — General Dynamics in Rockville, Leidos in Gaithersburg, and Lockheed Martin in Bethesda to name a few.

But new reporting focused on contractors for Immigration and Customs Enforcement reveal just how many Montgomery County-based businesses are involved in the deportation of immigrants, and how much they stand to gain from staying involved in ICE contracts.

Sludge journalists Alex Kotch and Josefa Velasquez created this interactive map and accompanying article pinpointing businesses that provide contract services to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Montgomery County is host to at least 15 businesses carrying out ICE contracts collectively worth over $25 million. The data is worth filtering through more especially to all readers versed in statistics and data.

From quick searches on, ICE contracts with Montgomery County businesses reflect the banality of evil. They disclose hundred-thousand dollar contracts for offsite data storage, printer and office equipment service requests, and file room support. A casual observer might suggest this is just another case of the Band of Beltway Bandits making hay while the sun shines. Heck, most of the contracts extend well back to the Obama years.

Except we live in unusual times, with fascist elements in government are testing the limits of what national media will allow and raising every pathetic excuse possible to continue and enlarge the dragnet human trafficking campaign.

Being silent while our “cherished” local businesses do business with fascists is immoral and political suicide. Unless we raise our voices in protest we face being trampled underfoot by their ethnic genocide machine.

Reporting on fascist cooperators in Montgomery County is ongoing. Updates will be added to this story as new developments arise.

List of Montgomery County businesses fulfilling ICE contracts




  • West Publishing Corporation
  • Net Direct Systems, LLC
  • Fedstore Corporation
  • FCN Inc Technology Solutions
  • Capital Shredder Corp
  • Barnallen Technologies


$ 9,012,808.45

  • Wexler Technical Solutions Incorporated


$ 2,975,722.32

  • Managed Care Advisors Inc.
  • FCN Inc
  • Deaf Access Solutions Inc

Chevy Chase

$ 2,314,262.75

  • Innoviss Inc

Silver Spring

$ 241,971.65

DLH Holdings Corp

– Abacus n-bytes Inc.


$ 63,868.80

  • Cartridge Technologies Inc


$ 24,984.00

  • Recovery Point Systems Inc


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