Montgomery County Executive Race Kicks off with candidate filing reports

Bethesda Beat reports Nancy Floreen has a campaign warchest over $342,000, making Elrich supports anxious over the November elections that will pit the County’s new public financing system against the interests of the monied elite. Elrich and Ficker are using public financing and are reported to have about $787,590 and $231,185, respectively.

There’s a lot to gain from rifling through Floreen’s reports; as you can read below, a short review shows Floreen’s contributions come primarily from the real estate, construction, and law sectors. And the money comes in large doses too.

As we reported via Twitter, some of the infamous MoCo Developers are leveraging their up-to-now unknown private real estate investment firms to double and even triple their contributions.

Leave Robin Ficker aside for a moment — forget for a minute that Floreen’s candidacy has brought him closer to the Executive seat he’s ever been.

In a race between Floreen and Elrich, the struggle isn’t between “Development vs NIMBY,” as so many bourgeois commentators want us to believe. It is clearly a battle between “Capital and Labor.”

Floreen’s support comes from a broad coalition of the upper capitalist class. Meanwhile, Elrich rightly criticized for coddling a minority of regressive local homeowners angry about shadowy “Developers” within his base.

But no one who calls themselves a progressive, and definitely anyone who calls themselves socialist, can deny that Elrich’s other, arguably larger, base is deeply embedded among working people and their unions. If opponents of Elrich want to cling to the “progressive” label, bland and contentless as it already is, they can’t turn coats to the most right-wing candidate of the current Council.

The golden road to a better Montgomery County doesn’t go through Nancy Floreen. We’ve documented her fealty not to “Developers” per se, but to the status quo. Her laissez-faire policies accept capitalist lies that the system regulates itself in the best interest of consumers. Her political beliefs deny the basic fact that wages in the County are too low. Her housing policy is best summarized as a “leave the market to handle it while we tinker around the edges” approach. This is an approach any self-respecting urbanist should balk at.

The real solution is to organize Elrich away from the NIMBY minority in his base and towards his base among workers. Those workers have a natural desire for affordable living and improved transit. And organizing a broad base of workers and tenants to pressure Elrich is clearly more easy than organizing investors and builders to pressure the recalcitrant Floreen.

Push Elrich to be better but for god’s sake don’t join the gaggle of capitalists dumping money into four more years of Floreen.


  1. Many people have unfairly criticized Marc Elrich’s position on developments as coddling a small minority of NIMBYs. You gone into that trap is well. Marc has been pushing for development on a livable scale and for ensuring that developers are paying their fair share of them for they are creating in terms of greater demands in schools and infrastructure. Montgomery County has grown but failed to keep pace with that growth in building schools in transit and rooms. The result hais been a real diminution in the quality of life, with crushing traffic and overcrowded schools. Elrich focused on a more sensible, strategic development plan.


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