Call to Action: Tell Your State Representative — “No Tax Breaks For the Wealthy in MoCo!”

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Commonwealth is making waves.

Our reporting on David Moon et al.’s bills MC 11-19 and 27-19 has caught the attention of the local Montgomery County Democratic Socialists of America, whose leadership has passed around the following message to their membership:

We need to take action to fix an injustice. In Montgomery County, wealthy country clubs and golf courses pay a much lower property tax rate than the rest of us, due to a sweet deal that the state legislature gave them back in 2002. For example, one country club in Chevy Chase pays *less than 25%* of the taxes it should be paying.

This is unconscionable, especially with so many county residents barely able to afford housing and in need of food banks – likely made even worse by the government shutdown. County delegate David Moon (D-20) and co-signers like DSA member Vaughn Stewart (D-19) have introduced legislation to fix this inequitable law. But, country club members are lobbying heavily to keep the tax breaks and we need to fight back!


Vaughn Stewart told us his inbox is full of emails from country club members who want the tax breaks to remain in place. Of course they want their club dues to continue to be subsidized by the working class. We need to keep the pressure up so the County delegation to the Maryland House and Senate don’t cave in!

PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THIS EMAIL TEXT, AND SEND TO THE FULL COUNTY DELEGATION (their email addresses are included in the text)

Thank you for taking action to end an extremely unfair tax break for the wealthiest in Montgomery County!

In solidarity,

MoCo DSA organizing committee

The template has also been forwarded to other left and progressive groups in the county.

Commonwealth readers can and should do their part to encourage their representatives to roll-back this archaic tax break for local latifundia.

The template is here. Simply follow the instructions in the document and have your voice heard.

Email your representatives today!


by the Commonwealth Editorial Team


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