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Just Cause Eviction Goes Before County Council Housing and Public Safety Committees

Now is a critical time to contact your delegates and county council members about Del. Jheanelle Wilkins’s Bill MC 22-19 “Just Cause Eviction.”

The County Council recently closed discussion of bill without making an endorsement. Erik Write breaks down the committee hearing and the paltry arguments of the landlord lobbyists:


“Just Cause Eviction Goes Before County Council Housing and Public Safety Committees”

There is no update on the Maryland General Assembly Economic Matters committee regarding hearing the bill and the County Council hasn’t moved either. It is crucial right now to contact your representatives to urge them to support Just Cause Eviction. You can do so with our prepared template below.

Just Cause Eviction Letter to Representative

And check out our other reporting on Just Cause Eviction:

Landlords don’t care about you, and Bethesda Beat is just fine with that

Montgomery County Delegates Preparing “Just Cause Eviction” Bill for Next Legislative Session

Planning Department Releases Report on County Growth in Last 20 Years

The Montgomery County Planning Department has released the first of what is expected to be a series on how the county has changed since the early nineties

Erik Write provides a summary breakdown of the report’s crucial findings on rents, wages, population and development.

The Rent is Too Damn High in Montgomery County… And other changes in the last 20 years

Pedestrian Fatalities and Injuries Continue in the County and Local Media is Missing the Point

Bethesda Beat reminded us what local media thinks of pedestrian traffic. Alberto Alexander Duque was recently killed when he was hit by a car while crossing the street. While this was surely a tragedy for all people involved, Bethesda Beat chose to highlight that Duque had been previously charged with the crime of crossing a street in an unsafe manner rather than focus on the myriad of risks to pedestrian safety present in Montgomery County.

The Beat also continues in the same article to comically mimic reporting on police shootings, with the term “pedestrian-involved collision” replacing “police-involved shooting.”

Readers can keep track of exactly how many pedestrians are struck or involved in car-related incidents in real time by checking the Pedestrians struck clock run by Rachel Taylor (@rachelvetica)



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