Announcing: #TenantTuesday

Commonwealth has decided to dedicate Tuesday to the struggle of renters in Montgomery County. Going forward, “Tenant Tuesday” will be a space to talk exclusively about the nearly 40% of MoCo residents who rent and the issues affecting their lives. 

This week we’re calling on readers to take action – show up in support of the Montgomery County Renters Alliance this Sunday, October 13, 2019, starting at 2pm until around 5pm at the Paint Branch Apartments in White Oak.

At Paint Branch, volunteers will join the Renters Alliance to notify Paint Branch residents of a community meeting tenants set for Sunday October 20 at the Paint Branch common area where can attend to voice concerns or questions.

Resident complaints submitted to the Renters Alliance show that tenants at Paint Branch have had to combat a variety of code violations – rodent infestations, cockroach, and bed bug infestations, crumbling building infrastructure, and more. The County code inspectors found enough violations in some buildings at Paint Branch to list the complex in the County’s new “troubled properties” database.

Frequently, code violations so widespread often come with the building management’s failure to communicate with tenants, or vice versa. Renters Alliance and Commonwealth are helping Paint Branch tenants bring their raise their voice about the conditions of their everyday lives.

Sign up for email alerts and details:


Who: you, Commonwealth readers, Montgomery County Renters Alliance and other tenant advocates

Time: October 13, 2019 2-6pm and October 20, 2019 2-6pm

Place: Paint Branch Apartments in White Oak – 11542 February Cir # 104, Silver Spring, MD 20904

Volunteers for both events – October 13 and October 20 are very much needed! Come to one, or both events and you’ll get a hip and cool “I Rent and I Vote” button graciously donated by the Montgomery County Renters Alliance plus the heartfelt appreciation of tenants. Rideshare opportunities are available from the Silver Spring Metro (if you can offer a rideshare, please let us know by email:


rent and vote-1 (1)


-“Problem Tenant” a.k.a. Erik Wright

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