Tenants Association of the Middlebrook Mobile Homes Park Calls For Fair Living Conditions and Transparent Housing Regulations

Tenants at Middlebrook Mobile Home Park in Germantown face irregular water billing, the inability to communicate with their leasing office, and struggle to be seen as members of the Montgomery County community.

The Tenants Association of Middlebrook Mobile Homes Park (TAMMHP) rallied with CASA outside of Middlebrook Leasing office yesterday, Tuesday October 15, 2019.

Over the last year, Middlebrook tenants have expressed multiple concerns with management policies, such as irregular water bill regulations, which management has dismissed.

“We have seen many inconsistencies with the rules and regulations of the water meters. Some of us have gone to extreme measures to conserve water and are still being overcharged,” said Guacola Reyes, Middlebrook Tenant Association President. “Our community is entitled to fair living conditions, affordable housing, and the right to a safe and secure living environment.”

Transparent billing regulations isn’t the only concern of residents. The Middlebrook community is predominantly made up of Hispanic and immigrant families; the inability to communicate effectively with Middlebrook Leasing office is frustrating for residents. CASA has been organizing in the community for the past year to address these concerns, and is working with Montgomery County on solutions.

Middlebrook tenants, with the help of CASA, organized a tenants association in order to confront management with their shared grievances. TAMMHP and CASA members marched last Tuesday and rallied for transparency, fundamental renters’ rights, and for Middlebrook tenants to be treated with dignity and respect by the management office.

TAMMHP marched to the Middlebrook Leasing office behind a banner that read: “We Want To Be A Part of Montgomery County.”

TAMMHP believes in tenants’ ability to exercise their legal rights and to work with the Middlebrook management company to build a healthier neighborhood.

Commonwealth supports TAMMHP and the 200 families at Middlebrook Mobile Home Park who are organizing for fair living conditions.

-“Problem Tenant” Erik Wright

Watch the TAMMHP/CASA action on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CASAforAll/videos/781751658909473/

Tweet in support of TAMMHP using hashtags: #MobileHomes #MobileHomesRights #TenantsRights

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