Write Your Representatives: “Support Tenant Relocation Assistance!”

Bill 18-19 would require a landlord pay three-month rent at fair market rate as a relocation payment for tenants who are displaced from their rental unit through no fault of their own.


County Councilmember emails:



Subject: Support Bill 18-19 – Landlord-Tenant Relations – Relocation Expenses with 3-months market rate rent

Dear Councilmembers:

I am writing you as a Montgomery County resident regarding Bill 18-19 – Landlord-Tenant Relations – Relocation Expenses. I  encourage you to support Bill 18-19, including the provision for providing displaced tenants with three-month’s rent at Fair Market Rate.

Requiring payment by the property owner to the tenant to secure adequate housing isn’t a punitive measure. Rather, it is a just policy decision to assist a renter who lost their home through no fault of their own. 

It is also crucial that tenants receive the equivalent of three-month’s rent at Fair Market Rate. The housing market does not care what a tenant was previously paying for housing when considering housing costs. A tenant who had the privilege of paying below market rent should not be forced to compete  for market rate housing when their displacement was due to a landlord’s negligence. 

Furthermore, a tenant forced into the housing market has to deal with more than just paying new rent. They may have to take time off work, arrange childcare, pay for movers or a storage facility, or pay an increased cost for transit. 

Any decrease to this relocation “cushion” for displaced tenants would be a poor reflection on Montgomery County, where the renter population is steadily growing. Many other jurisdictions have already put into place renter relocation laws that go far above what is currently being proposed. 

While it isn’t necessary for the County to go above those admirable precedents set in other jurisdictions, we should at least rise to meet the standard set for tenants’ right to safe, stable, and affordable rental housing.




Your name here


Google Doc with letter template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NSSaFB_VOD_4X4T7j3n58_RWYFwDyeWDPa3LgmkIE4k/edit?usp=sharing

Sample Social Media post:

I’m supporting Montgomery County renters by writing to my representatives about Bill 18-19, Relocation Expenses. Write in your support a strong bill to protect displaced tenants:

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